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Never Let Go financially helps families in Lyon and neighboring counties with a child battling cancer.  Never Let Go's purpose it to help families ease the distress of paying bills.  Funds donated today will go to help alleviate the financial burden that comes with caring for a child with cancer.


Adrian was a vibrant, happy child who enjoyed drawing and sports.  Adrian had his whole life ahead of him and many dreams he wanted to accomplish.  In 2010 that all changed, Adrian was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Sandy, Adrian's mom, never left his side and in February 2011, Adrian lost his battle against cancer.


Three years later, Never Let Go was founded.  Sandy's intention is to help others that are going through the same experience and try to ease the financial side of the struggle.  Besides medical expenses that pile up, families like Sandy's encounter other expenses like travel, hotel stays, utility bills, and other expenses insurance won't cover.  Never Let Go was established to help those families in need.


Never Let Go got its name from a picture taken during Adrian's stay at the ICU.  In the picture, Adrian is holding hands with David, his stepdad.  Not only does it represent the bond between them but also the never ending battle to fight cancer and never loosing hope.  That picture has become the icon of Never Let Go and #forever13 their proverb.


With the support of the community and a partnership with Dirty Kanza, where Never Let Go assists the cyclists throughout the race, Sandy has been able to raise money for Never Let Go.  What started as a dream and $500, has grown to help many families in Lyon and surrounding counties.  Each year, qualifying families are given up to $2,000 per year to help cover medical and unexpected bills as well gas cards to help pay for gas and/or transportation.  Sandy's mission is to give peace of mind to those family battling cancer.


Adrian's legacy lives on through Never Let Go.  Family and volunteers will continue to work and raise funds for Never Let Go and their purpose.  Without the support of many generous donors, Never Let Go will not be able to exist to continue helping others. 


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