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Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity is a completely donation and grant driven program.  Money received from Match Day will be used to build our next home, this year, here in Emporia to help a family obtain their dream of affordable homeownership.  Their mortgage payments cycle back into the EAHFH fund to help build more affordable houses.  This year we will also be working on smaller, homeowner occupied critcal repairs.  These repairs include roofing, accessibility, weatherizations, and saftey concerns with the goal of helping to keep agining homeowners in their homes. 


Seeking to put God's love into action.  Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.



Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity helps individuals and families achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.  As active participants in building a better future for themselves and their families, qualified Habitat homebuyers are in need of better housing.  Potential homebuyers might be dealing with poorly made, unhealthy, or inadequate housing; unaffordable rent; homes inaccessible for their disabilities, damaged by natural disasters; or have other shelter needs.  Qualified homebuyers also must be willing to partner with Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity.  Homebuyers put in hundreds of hours of “sweat equity” helping build their own home and the homes of others in the program.  This might also include classes in personal finances, home maintenance, and other homeownership topics.  These qualified homebuyers must also be able to pay an affordable mortgage.  EAHFH offers homebuyers an affordable mortgage.  Their mortgage payments cycle back into the community to help build more affordable houses.  At EAHFH we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity for a better life.  EAHFH is a unique non-profit because our partnership with the families we serve.  We consider our program as a hand-up and not a hand-out.  Homebuyers are required to have “skin in the game” and complete 300 hours of sweat equity work on their own home or another EAHFH partner’s home.  We also are able to offer these homes for sale with a zero percent interest rate, thanks to the generous support of our vendors, donors, and our Match Day proceeds.  The amount of volunteer labor to run our organization, build the homes, and serve the families post purchase is also very unique to EAHFH.  As unique as we are, we believe we are the blueprint to end substandard poverty housing and give everyone a chance to own a safe, decent, affordable home.



P.O. Box 277
Emporia KS 66801
Phone: (620) 794-4483

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