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We have just begun our capitol campaign (the 110 Campaign, in honor of our bandstand’s birthday) to raise $35,000 as seed money to apply for grants. We eventually hope to raise $350,000 for renovations. The money we earn from Match Day would go towards this goal, the purchase of new playground equipment and restoration of the bandstand.


The mission of the Eskridge Park Foundation is to beautify and revitalize the Eskridge City Park while maintaining its historical significance and importance as the center of our community.


As all small communities struggle to make ends meet and keep young families living there, we do too. But we are seeing progress in both areas. Our Park Foundation includes a group of young parents who have chosen to raise their children in a small town. We see the need to revitalize our entire community and decided to start with our historic park. Our dreams are big. But maybe when others see our progress, the entire town will be inspired to make changes that will help us grow.
Our bandstand is 110 years old and on the Historic Register of Places. In 1909, our community came together to raise the funds to build it and make the park an entertainment center for the whole community. Now it is our turn to restore and revitalize it for future generations.

Photos & Videos

Historic 110 year old Bandstand in Eskridge City Park
Historic 110 year old Bandstand in Eskridge City Park
Teeter totter
Teeter totter
Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round


P.O. Box 215
Eskridge KS 66423
Phone: (620) 341-0084

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