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Bloom House Youth Services

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

The Stats:

The Kansas Dept. of Education reported 69 homeless youth and children enrolled in K-12 in Emporia, KS during the 2019-2020 school year; this number only reflects the number of homeless youth and children who were still enrolled in school and not those who had dropped out. The number of homeless youth are often under-counted due to fears of the system, not being aware of the available resources, and the number of homeless youth who are couch-surfing from home to home or who may not end up in a shelter or organization offering supportive services to homeless individuals. A recent report found that the chances of a young person experiencing homelessness in rural areas is comparable to those who live in urban areas, however rural areas lack access to resources.

Bloom House Youth Services is currently the only Basic Center Program in Kansas, and there are no shelters doing what we do and how we do it in the region. Additionally, Emporia is an exit on Interstate 35 along the way to Kansas City to the North and Wichita to the South, a highway stretching the length of the nation North/South and known to be an active route for human and drug trafficking, which increases the dangers to vulnerable homeless youth in our area. Furthermore, the State Index on Youth Homelessness currently has Kansas at a critically low score of 47/100, particularly where LGBTQ+ youth are concerned.

Population served:

Teens age 13-18yrs old who are at-risk or who identify as in need of the drop-in center use, all homeless and runaway youth, and their families are served by Bloom House Youth Services' Basic Center Program. 

How Your Contributions Help:

Donations help us to replentish the food pantry, hygiene closet, and art therapy supplies, as well as purchasing food for events/groups, outreach materials, bedding and laundry supplies, pay for shelter utilities, and finance outreach events.

In addition, we have several ambitious landscaping projects in the works that will benefit the community: a native flower pollinator garden, a meditative labyrinth with hand-painted rock art, and a community vegetable/fruit garden. We hope to inspire, feed, and care for teens and the community even if they just walk through the yard. 

Every donation we get helps us to provide resources to teens in need and their families.


Bloom House Youth Services is an inclusive refuge providing a culture of acceptance to vulnerable, at risk, and homeless youth. We use a commonsense approach to those we serve through our supportive services, which includes case management, mental health, and life skills education to ensure a stable and empowered future.


Bloom House Youth Services is intended to help to all runaway and homeless youth, teens identified as at-risk, and their families without discrimination. When appropriate and safe to do so, family reunification is a goal, along with building a healthy and safe support system which is crucial to the wellbeing of all youth experiencing homelessness. Youth experiencing homelessness need stable, safe shelter and all basic needs such as food, clothing, laundry services, a resource room where they can access online classes and other educational materials, as well as supportive caring adults, and access to mainstream services which will help them on the path to success.

While we are able to house teens age 16-17yrs old in our emergency shelter, most of our efforts involve preventative services to help resolve the causes of youth homelessness. We currently provide:

  • art therapy & case management to identify personal goals and process barriers to success (including trauma) 
  • financial fiduciary services to assist in helping teens reach financial independence
  • laundry and full bathroom facilities so they have access to clean clothing and showers
  • food pantry & hygiene closet to help those who are food insecure and unable to afford basic necessities
  • gender-affirming clothes closet for teens and their families to be able to gain employment, improve self-esteem, etc.
  • HIV/STD/pregnancy prevention items available without question or judgment
  • life skills training and various psychosocial groups (Grief Support Group, Taco Tutoring Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Friday Game Night, etc.), supervised by therapeutic staff and interns to ensure safe environments for everyone
  • hot meals with most psychosocial groups and Saturday Breakfast for teens and their families

All of these services are free. Our goal remains to assist homeless, runaway, and at-risk teens and their families to access the resources they need to be successful. Removing the financial barriers to these resources is an important part of helping them to meet their needs.

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Match Day 2022
Welcome to Bloom House
Food Pantry
Food Pantry
Hygiene Closet
Hygiene Closet
St Patrick's Parade 2022
St Patrick's Parade 2022


301 W 11th Ave
Emporia KS 66801
Phone: (620) 208-1199

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