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Emporia Municipal Band is composed of over 40 musicians who practice weekly to give an excellent performance.  Part of the donations collected will be used to pay the musicians' salaries.  The other part of the donations will be used for the update and upkeep of the instruments utilized by the band as well as music replacement; the band plays different types of music from the 50s and 80s but will like to "shake things up" with more up-to-date music to please all audiences. 


To provide musical entertainment for the Emporia community free of charge to bring the community together.


City Band was originally established in 1880 by local military groups and local teachers.  After the deployment in the 1940s, the band came to a pause.  In 1941, Emporia Municipal Band was re-established and re-named by locals.  Since then, the Emporia Municipal Band has been offering free admission concerts and it is the intention of the Emporia City Band to maintain this perpetually.


Emporia City Band consist of 40-45 musicians who practice weekly to present their music like marches, traditional, contemporary, patriotic, sing alongs, and show tunes to the crowd.  Their season kicks off at the end of May with the Memorial Day Concert and goes on until mid-July, offering Emporians 7 to 8 concerts free of charge throughout the summer to enjoy.  One of the special events the band offers is the Veterans Day Concert in November, which is offered at Albert Taylor Hall in ESU.  To celebrate the festivities, the Emporia Municipal Band offers a Christmas Concert at the Granada Theater.  Emporia Municipal Band covers all the expenses of renting the facility.


Emporia City Band musicians own most of their instruments but also has to borrow expensive instruments from the city and schools.  As a trade-off, the Emporia City Band pays for repairs and upkeep of these instruments; repairs on these instruments can get costly.  Because of these expenses, as well as the musicians' salaries, membership fees, and insurance, the budget is always being stretched to maintain the professionalism that the audience is used to and the Emporia City Band is accustomed to presenting.


Emporia City Band will continue to offer concerts to the community free of charge.  Such an elaborate job requires the band to pay for repairs, music replacement, and the well-earned income of its musicians.  As a way to maintain the expenses, James Hill, who joined the band at age 15 and is still a member of the band as a tuba player, wrote a book called "We're Through Playing Now" which can be purchased at the Emporia Historical Society located within the Main Street office.  The book is based on the history of city bands with a focus on the Emporia City Band.


Summer concerts at Fremont Park have been a tradition for Emporia and its surrondings for many years; that would not been possible without the support and generosity of the community.  Today your donation becomes even more and from the Emporia Municipal Band, you receive our most sincere "thank you".



1419 College Drive
Emporia KS 66801
Phone: (620) 342-4826

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